Your First Adjustment

After a thorough examination and consultation the doctor may decide that chiropractic can help and is warranted. Great!!! But what does that entail? There are many different techniques that chiropractors can use to help remove the subluxation, allow the body to heal and make you feel better. The chiropractor will explain the area that is affected, and the technique he will use.
The most common method of adjusting is known as Diversified. For a low back issue, the doctor will most likely have you on your side, contact specific points on your back depending on what is misaligned and apply a light thrust. There may be noise or “crack” that is associated with this. The noise is merely gas(nitrogen) being released between the joint spaces. There is not always a sound with an adjustment.
Another common method is Activator Method. This is a chiropractic tool that is used. The same principal applies that once a subluxation is found it needs to be straightened. This is done with the tool, that uses a light impulse to help re-align the spine. There is usually no cracking noise associated with this technique.
A third common technique is called using a drop table. What happens with that is the table will pop up slightly, about an inch. The doctor once again finds the subluxation, and contacts specific points on the back with you on the table. He will then push down, using the table to basically “drop” that small distance. This helps to overcome muscle tension in the body.
Following the adjustment, the doctor may or may not apply ice to help with the area. It is recommended that following the adjustment for the rest of the day to ice a few times 20 min on, 1 hour off. This will help in case there is any mild soreness, similar to when you go to the gym. Some people will feel amazing following the first adjustment, some will have some soreness. It just depends on the type of subluxation and every person is different. If you have questions, feel free to contact the office at 781-721-3336.

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