Could a Slip or Fall Affect my Biomechanics?

Have you ever had a fall, accident, sports injury, or even a concussion and felt a little out of whack afterward? These types of events can be traumatic for the body and can cause misalignment of the spine and body.

It’s a good idea after an incident like a sports collision, car accident, injury to the head, slip or fall to get screened by your chiropractor as soon as you can.

When I see a patient that has had an acute trauma, firstly I of course make sure nothing is broken. Our bodies are amazing and will rapidly try to heal themselves. However, if the spine is in a shifted/misaligned position, the body may heal incorrectly. This is a great example of how a frozen shoulder happens.

After learning about the trauma, I evaluate the patient’s biomechanics to see if there are any imbalances. Biomechanics are muscular, joint and skeletal actions of the body, and I want to ensure they are performing their functions correctly and efficiently as possible.  Imagine continuing to drive a car that is out of alignment.  This will increase uneven wear and tear on the car, and it’s no different with the body.  Subtle shifts will cause changes in our gait (the way we walk), weight distribution, and posture.  Over time this can lead to things like arthritis and the degeneration of joints.

If I uncover any misalignment, I begin to treat with specific adjustments and possibly work with a patient in a physiotherapy/physical therapy capacity to re-educate the musculature.

My approach to healing has two phases:
1. Acute: I provide treatment to deliver the patient from immediate pain.  The goal here is to get a you feeling better so you can get back to your daily routine.
2. Corrective: We work to restore proper alignment and also correct any underlying issue that maybe exacerbated by the new injury or was found during my overall evaluation. Beyond adjustments, injuries sometimes require physio/physical therapy. I prescribe custom exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles.

Accidents are no fun. If you have been injured or feel a “bit off” from an incident, please schedule a visit as soon as possible. An evaluation will give you peace of mind, and if there are any physical misalignments, I will have you on the road to recovery ASAP!

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