Proper Lifting and Posture Habits



One of the most common questions I am asked is how to lift something properly. By lifting things properly, you can help to avoid any future pain in the low back. When lifting anything, taking a couple of seconds to properly prepare yourself and the object will help prevent injury.


Ideally, you want to start with the object close to you, feet shoulder with apart. At this point when you reach down to pick up the object, there should be some bend in the knees, the head is looking slightly ahead. Your shoulder blades should be pinched together and imagine in your low back you were trying to hold water there. This forces the low back to maintain is proper lumbar curve and keep the weight focused on the gluteal and hamstring region.



lifting pic



If you have to move the object once lifted, try to maintain a good posture. Keep the object close to the body, and do not arch your back and set it on your chest. That is putting all the weight on the low back in a compromised position. Small, controlled steps are best. If the weight becomes too much, asking for help from a friend is a great option, as this will make things easier(hopefully).


If an injury does occur, being evaluated as soon as possible is best.  Waiting can allow the injury to begin healing in an improper position, increasing the amount of time needed to fix the injury.

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